Selfless equals limitless

Friends with darkness that’s why i strive to bring some light into this world

Dream of diminishing suffering that our environment produces

Nurturing communities that prosperity induces

Realize that you are not the center of the universe

Accept your death and you’ll experience ego-death

Support each other

Empower, but do not help

Non-violence and Consent

You own no one, it’s not your wife or child

Just some partners in crime

You own no one it’s not your employees

Just some partners in crime

It’s not your class, be just there for them

You own no one and nothing

Collective body is the only inventor, founder, co-founder, and CEO and

Collective brain is the only president we need.

We are co-owners of our existence

And in the cavalcade of reason will we find our home

New home

Community of yours

Where your greater potential is aligned with the world’s

Without decisions of the lords

One by one we will be free

As free as flying birds 🕊️

Av Axo Sal

Utilitarian Renaissance Spirit


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