New Existence

Why do we have so many self-generated problems on all possible levels? On the personal, interpersonal, societal and world-levels. But there must be stages of development where all unnecessary pain and drama can be avoided. It requires certain changes and introduction of new processes. We all hope to one day see a society that aids people in their development to these higher stages… stages where human potential can flourish and cooperate. Where we can explore, discover, express and advance towards greatest potentialities across all possible aspects of our existence. Psychology, philosophy, science, technology, culture and art. A world where everyone has their needs met, where we all have a place that feels like home, a warm community we are part of, a world where we all can thrive.

We all desire a better inner and outer world.. but rarely do we spend time imagining and strategizing about it. We all know what the world needs… the world needs to resolve all major problems and advance forward across all fields… to develop as optimal of a world for all and the whole as possible… but what is needed for that? Who will execute it? How can it be executed? What kind of environment, modes of operation and processes are necessary?

🖖 Ways to Organize More Effectively Than Oppressive Systems