English: Utilitarian Renaissance Wholeness

Creating space and time for the collective mind-body to explore ways of diminishing suffering our environment produces and nurturing community that prosperity induces. Contributing to exploration, expression and execution of strategies towards flourishment of all and the whole that we exist in. Utilizing transformative experiences that lead to establishment of processes that bring wholeness in each individual and the collective body.

The projects operations include recurring gatherings/forums/mini-festivals every month during the weekend in Sweden in Malmoe/Lund. But also connecting with the communities across the world through virtual platforms. Exchanging findings, insights, practices, methods, tools, strategies and so much more with each other.

Our spaces feature interactive experiences, performances, activities, and courses. We want to contribute by connecting artists and cultural practitioners with social entrepreneurs or people who work towards a more prosperous existence for us all but who do not have the tools to reach out with catchy forms of expression that truly inspires and induces transformation. Each month a couple of them will work together to then showcase their interactive expressions at the end of the each month. The year will be culminating in summer gathering/forum/festival for a month-long of cultivation, education, entertainment or combined edutainment. And then all over again. This is a space for Democracy 2.0.

Renaissance spirit.

We exhibit and practice Renaissance spirit. Meaning being in tune with the truth that the world consists of many fields and disciplines that play with and affect each other and every single one has something valuable to offer. We strive to create an interconnected space that forges innovation. Combining people from fields like:

Social & cultural innovation. Upgrade of concepts, norms, models of how we live, co-live, co-work, co-exist.

Technology, AI, Automation for the benefit of all, Decentralization movement, Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Engineering. Housing innovations. Sanitation. Food & Agriculture, Permaculture.

Arts, Culture, Storytelling, Interactive Experiences. Opens up and awakens all sensations to truly understand valuable perspectives.

Effective education that is immersive, interesting, exciting, practical. Not just hard-skills but cultivation of the whole person. Opening up people to our true potential and freedom in mind and body. Upgrading cognitive tools, methods and models.


Not just work, but also fun. Not just activism, self-care. Not just technicalities, but holistic picture. Not just isolated pure profession but connected to the needs of the world. Not just following the concepts but questioning with philosophical rigor. Not just materialism, but connectedness to a greater world around you. We are open to practicing rituals, ceremonies, practices that create sense of connectedness, community and meaning.