English: Utilitarian Renaissance World

Utilissance __________

Utilissance Cultivation
Utilissance Experiences
Utilissance Work
Utilissance Community
Utilissance Currency

Utilissance Wholeness

Utilissance Wholeness is an ecosystem mapping out and connecting value-driven organizations and people to figure out, express and work for a thriving today and tomorrow.

Find a community to live in. Find meaningful work. Find education that will give you skills to contribute to a meaningful change. Find ethical companies to engage with, buy from and support. Find human potential for your impactful projects. Find partners and help to advance the projects that the communities need. Co-fund impactful ideas that you arrived at through deliberative processes.

Utilissance Wholeness is a space… a platform… with methods, services and processes that strive to create a streamlined ways for humans to have a place to live and work without stress. Establishing processes that lead to balance with oneself, each other, other sentience and surrounding life-enabling environment.

Utilissance Wholeness aims to be an exciting and creative space. Striving to be all-encompassing in regards to the needs, problems, causes, solutions, skills, knowledge, experiences and opportunities… an interdisciplinary renaissance spirit encompassing holism serving utilitarianism. Meaning the wellbeing of all. Utilissance Wholeness enables time and space for evolution of human potential in collaboration, fulfilling our needs and contributing to our flourishment.

Utilissance Wholeness will hold regular interactive experiences for collective cultivation. Every two or three weeks or so. It should be unconventional experiences that are entertaining and exciting… It would be themed interactive experiences that opens up space for gaining insight and discovering opportunities. It will contain deliberative processes around our existence. Also a space to imagine, experience, feel, sense, move into and live into better futures that get people motivated to work for those futures. Once you experience something better, it changes you. So we need attractive experiences to gain a critical mass to understand things for themselves for a meaningful change to occur. And these forums should be a place that brings various actors together to tangibly develop these fantasies locally where we are and participate in global exchange and collaboration.